Iballcoach Mini Apps

The Iballcoach Mini Apps have been launched. Initially available for Android on the Google Play Store, our dashboard contains two analytical tools. These tools will help coaches understand and easily analyse aspects of the game at any point in time. The results are presented simply so the players of any age group can also easily understand what has happened. This can lead to really constructive conversations and training plans to either build on or improve the areas that have been recognised.

The first tool is a pass counter. Historically, these counters have been used to count the number of passes made during a period of time. However, these hand held metal clickers have been a fairly blunt tool. They tell you how many passes have been made but not much else. Our Pass_Counter is much better: it tells you how many passes you've completed, how many passes have been missed and what type of passes. The data can be saved, restored and reviewed. You can compare a game on television to your own match - how do the stats differ? What can you learn? What could you do to help your team improve?

The second tool enables coaches to easily identify where your team wins or loses the ball most frequently on the pitch. This information will tell a really important story. Do you lose the ball on the wings high up the pitch or centrally, mid way in your own half? Does this provide an insight into why your defence appears to be strong or weak? Is it that your midfield win or lose posession in dangerous places, relieving or causing pressure. With that information what could you, should you coach? What do the players think? Can they identify a problem or a strength and work out what to do next?

Download the App now from the Google Play Store. It only cost £1.20 and you get both of the initial tools. More "standard" tools will be added to the dashboard and you will get access to those too. What tools would you like to see included? Let us know and we'll see what we can do!

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