The Pass_Counter

The Pass_Counter is the first tool on the dashboard. This simple tool enables the coaches and players understand how many passes are completed and failed. However, unlike the old metal hand held clickers, this tool gives you so much more. It records how many short passes you have completed and failed. It also records your long pass success and failure record. At the end of the match, the half, the training session (or whatever you like) you can save the data and review it at a later date. 

The information that you can gain from this type of tool helps coaches and players understand what kind of passing can be most effective. Being able to understand what is successful and what isn't can help coaches decide how they want their teams to play. The players can also start to understand, and mentally adapt, to what is being asked from them.

What is great about this tool is that the coach can ask parents to download it onto their phones and keep count for them. You can even compare a professional game on television (or live) to your team's performance. What does it tell you?

Download the App now from the Google Play Store. Give it a go and tell us what you think.



The Iballcoach Launch

The Iballcoach website is the home of our sports analytical tools. All of the tools are designed to enable players, young and old, reach the maximum of their potential. Coaches and players will be able input into and review the outputs. Through simple analysis, some of which may not have been previously available, coaches will be able to target their training sessions on areas of development that are required on an individual or team basis.

Our first App has been launced on the Google Play website. This App contains a dashboard that gives coaches two simple tools that can be used during games or training sessions. This App and the dashboard will grow over the coming weeks. By buying the App you will get access to all of the standard tools that we produce and all of the standard updates.

In collaboration with a large software studio in the USA we are also producing a major player development app. This app will concentrate on long and short term devlopment of individuals, provide coaches with thoughts and ideas about what and how to coach, video demonstrations and player review documents.

This site is free to join. By joining you will get access to all of our updates, discounts and possibly free stuff that won't be available to others.



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