Where you win and lose the ball is important! Featured

The Iballcoach App provides coaches and players with a simple but effective tool to track where the team (or an individual) wins or loses the ball during a match, training session or just a sample period of either. By selecting the Win/Loss option from the dashboard of tools available the Coach (or parent - get them involved) can simply touch the pitch marker on the screen. This marker will total up and present back to the coach and players where the ball is won or lost most frequently.

Losing the ball in key areas can be costly to a team. But how often do you do it and what's the end result. By having this real information and data at your hands you can analyse, coach and inform your players on what they could do better. You can create training sessions to pressure certain areas of the pitch, challenging the teams to retain posession or not lose it in vital areas.

The Iballcoach website provides coaches with an array of tools to enhance their players potential. Available on Android at the moment the IOS versions are coming soon.

Download it now and let us know what you think.




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